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2022 is a Weird Year for Manga: Beginning of the End of One Piece, Return of Hunter x Hunter and Berserk

2022 é um Ano Estranho para Mangá

Are you not noticing something strange in the air? We have 4 weird situations involving famous manga that fans wanted but didn’t expect their situations to change!

Let’s go to these 4 strange news?

One Piece will enter its Final Arc!

2022 é um Ano Estranho para Mangá

A news shocked fans yesterday as they announced that One Piece will enter its final arc. Eiichiro Oda will take a month off to celebrate the manga’s 25th anniversary, in addition to the One Piece RED movie.

All this also to prepare to start the last story arc. There is some confusion here, with some people saying that it’s not the “last arc” but the “last saga”. It turns out that this “arc/saga/part/etc” thing depends on who translates.

Jump always uses the same term for all their ending manga, however it is the last part of One Piece, regardless of how long it will last.

Berserk Will Continue 1 Year After Kentaro Miura’s Death

2022 é um Ano Estranho para Mangá

In 2021 Kentaro Miura ended up passing away and leaving his manga incomplete. All this time, fans wondered what the manga’s fate would be, as there has been no communication until today.

Until today, because at dawn a statement was made stating that the Berserk manga will continue under the supervision of Mori (to whom Kentaro revealed the details of the story until the end).

Berserk returning after 1 year of Miura’s death.

Houseki no Kuni return from hiatus

2022 é um Ano Estranho para Mangá

In December 2020, Haruko Ichikawa’s Houseki no Kuni manga went on hiatus and since then fans have not had the continuation of the story, which is at a standstill.

However, in the month of May it was revealed that the manga will finally come back from its long hiatus, the next chapter already has a date to come out, and it will come out on June 24th!

Togashi is drawing new Hunter x Hunter Chapters

2022 é um Ano Estranho para Mangá

Togashi did two things that no fan expected, first he created a profile on Twitter (and ended up becoming the mangaka with the most followers on the social network with 2.6 million).

And he went back to drawing chapters of Hunter x Hunter, he is always posting photos of his work on his profile. There is still no official news of the return of the Hunter x Hunter manga, but seeing him drawing is already encouraging.

What will this year 2022 have in store for us in terms of manga news?

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