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The Cat Who Came Straight From a Manga

The Cat Who Came Straight From a Manga

It is very common in anime when we see characters sleeping, a bubble appears from their nose, this is extremely common in many animes but does this kind of thing really happen in real life?


There is a # on Japanese Twitter called the “barely taken cat photo championship“, which as the name implies, is a competition for photos taken badly of cats. And in last year’s competition, a user posted a photo of her cat to participate in the competition, even with Fanart.

The Cat Who Came Straight From a Manga

The photo in question shows the cat sleeping with a bubble coming out of its nose, making it look like the characters in anime and manga, which when sleeping create huge bubbles coming out of their noses.

It’s a cat that belongs to a family with a high artistic point.” That’s what she said in the tweet above. The cat also won a fanart, as you can see below:
The Cat Who Came Straight From a Manga

Unfortunately I don’t know the result of the “competition”, but I think it’s right to say that this is a cat that came straight out of a manga. Which is to be expected, as there is even a voice actor cat.

Via: Graape

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