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Otakus debate the success of the Chainsaw Man anime

Otakus debate the success of the Chainsaw Man anime

One year has passed since the anime of Chainsaw Man premiered, an anime that crashed Crunchyroll’s servers, making thousands of otakus happy, as the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man had finally arrived. But was the hype around Chainsaw Man a mistake?

Well, there’s a debate about whether Chainsaw Man’s popularity was overinflated. Was the hype around Chainsaw Man a mistake? Did those who watched the anime have their expectations met?

Otakus debate the success of the Chainsaw Man anime

The website Yaraon highlighted a comment from a Japanese otaku who wondered why the Chainsaw Man anime didn’t find the same success as anime like Oshi no Ko and Sousou no Frieren, which appeared in popular anime rankings overseas.

Otakus debate the success of the Chainsaw Man anime

Chainsaw Man anime often becomes the subject of discussion among the Japanese due to its adaptation, which many consider to be weak, and it is frequently compared to other anime that achieved more success.

Let’s see how some Japanese otakus responded to another question about the “success of the Chainsaw Man anime”:

“The importance of the beginning is crucial. If it doesn’t make a big initial impact, it’s impossible to turn the situation around.”

“You might think they’re pushing ‘Sousou no Frieren’ too much, but if they’re broadcasting it during prime time, it’s a form of promotion.”

“Soon, Frieren may stop being a relevant topic and become something like ‘What the heck was that…’.”

“Chainsaw Man in the world of anime is like ‘Samurai 8’ in the world of manga.”

“I found it very entertaining, but it seems that fans of the original work are complaining.”

“In recent years, Chainsaw Man was the only one that received so much publicity and ended up being a failure. That shows how dull the content was.”

Otakus debate the success of the Chainsaw Man anime

“Popular things are popular because they’re popular. No need to look for reasons.”

“Maybe because most of the world cares more about whether a series is interesting or not, rather than what others think?”

“To me, it seemed like a series for the morbid, without any particular story. Certainly not a narrative that can appeal to the general audience.”

“Is Chainsaw Man still considered a popular franchise?”

“It failed because it was boring.”

“Unfortunately, only the manga was interesting at the time. And now, not even the second part managed to maintain a good story.”

“Chainsaw Man isn’t fun.”

“If there’s a cute girl and a good story, it will be a successful franchise, no doubt.”

“Oshi no Ko was also constantly promoted and inflated, but surprisingly, this series had a good reception.”

“Chainsaw Man was only good because of the assistants’ talent; the content itself was amateur.”

Otakus debate the success of the Chainsaw Man anime

“Unfortunately, Chainsaw Man is good in some sections, but there are others that definitely should not have been adapted the way they were.”

“Even if we compare Chainsaw Man with Jujutsu Kaisen, even taking only the first season, the second is immensely more interesting than the first.”

“The animation in Chainsaw Man was definitely impressive, but the narrative quality was at the level of a school project.”

“It was very sad to see that the original story was so acclaimed, but the adaptation work didn’t live up to the task.”

“Chainsaw Man, Shingeki no Kyojin, and Jujutsu Kaisen. Although all three are produced by MAPPA, there are many differences in the ‘enthusiasm’ they put into each project.”

“Jujutsu Kaisen will always be MAPPA’s priority, there’s no doubt about that.”

“The most advertised specialized magazine in the industry, but it couldn’t boost the success of Chainsaw Man. How boring must the story be, then?”

“The reason for Chainsaw Man’s failure was that the director didn’t know how to do his job well, even being criticized by the fans of the original work. In the end, it was the director and the fans who buried the franchise’s chances of returning soon.”

And that’s it! Was the hype around Chainsaw Man a mistake? Leave your comments below on what you think.

source: Yaraon

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