Meet a Gyaru Trucker driver

Meet a Gyaru Trucker driver

Truck-kun is one of the most famous “characters” of the Isekais, he is responsible for sending many protagonists to other worlds but imagine being isekaied by a Gyaru Trucker?

Yes, there is one, with Tora-chan’s nick on social media, there is a Gyaru Trucker!

Meet a Gyaru Trucker driver

“Imagine being sent to an isekai by a trucker gyaru” reads the post on Cakemoe’s page who found her. Tora-chan really likes to post her pictures on her Twitter and especially on Instagram where she has sexier pictures of her.

Meet a Gyaru Trucker driver

From what I saw from her profile, it is not only with trucks that she works, she is also a model and has many more sexy photos on her Instagram, posts about trucks are only on her Twitter and Instagram is dedicated to model photos and cosplay

Meet a Gyaru Trucker driver

These were some comments posted on the Cakemoe page after the post was posted there:

“It’s 50 years old”

“My God an Anomaly”

“Just the idea of a gyaru truck driver makes a good doujinshi”

“Follow well trucker”

“An anime has already appeared with this premise”

“I didn’t have that in the time I watched the follow well trucker”

But unfortunately not everything is joy, right, because she is a model / gyaru and is passionate about trucks and has run after and got her license, she ended up being a victim of harassment on social media.

I hope this doesn’t discourage her and that she continues to post as normal.