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Otakus discuss Disastrous Experiences on Dating Apps

Otakus discuss Disastrous Experiences on Dating Apps

Dating app is like an adventure. You need luck to find a really decent person by exploring the possibilities and carefully analyzing each profile you go through to decide if that person is someone suitable and attractive for you.

And often, meetings through these apps can end up in a somewhat bizarre situation and now we are going to show some otakus’ disastrous experiences!

Otakus discuss Disastrous Experiences on Dating Apps

On Twitter, otakus shared their craziest experiences through these dating apps, including:

”I met a man who, in his profile, showed that he was a skilled investor, which made me feel more confident when it came to setting up a meeting. At the time we met the result was something different, he was just a lover of hook machines (the ones you take out stuffed animals from), the good thing is that he was a very talkative person.”

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Another user on Twitter shares their experience:

”We decided to meet at a place to eat, we walked to the place, which was too cheap to be true, but we didn’t pay much attention to it, so we continued talking normally. When it was time to pay, we realized the truth, we were in a fraudulent restaurant, as the bill came to 400,000 yen, while my companion was perplexed looking at the bill, I just paid my 2,000 yen and left. So he told me he needed to call the police to get out of this.”

Continuing with the disastrous experiences of otakus on dating apps:

”He was very educated, high-income and had a good personality, but on the second meeting, I realized he had cavities and almost no teeth so it was over”

Love proved to be very difficult for these otakus who had strange, bizarre and very crazy experiences!

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