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Comic LO having trouble finding Artists?

Comic LO having trouble finding Artists?

The most recent issue of Comic LO came with a disclaimer that left otaku wondering if the magazine is in trouble. Comic LO is famous among adult manga as a publication that has been the target of censorship and regulations numerous times.

Comic LO is an adult manga magazine, that is, it has sexual content, however, their focus is on lolis manga, hence all the controversies surrounding the publication.

So much so that their covers are of normal illustrations, since to escape and continue publishing, they had to make this change to their covers:

Comic LO having trouble finding Artists?

Comic LO having trouble finding Artists

Comic LO having trouble finding Artists?

According to the latest issue of Comic LO, they reported that the next issue, which will come out in March, will be a compilation of the “best stories” that have ever been published in the magazine, as they could not get enough new stories for a new issue. .

Prior to that, Comic LO had already posted a notice that it was looking for artists for the magazine, perhaps an indication that there are fewer people willing to work drawing adult lolis manga? According to Comic LO’s own disclaimer, this is not the reason and the reason for this is their fault.

They guarantee that the magazine will not stop being published. But that didn’t stop the Japanese who saw the news from theorizing and coming up with their comments:

“I’m a Lolicon but I would be fine with them shutting down the magazine”

“They will go bankrupt”

“It’s the end”

“Lolicons are about to become extinct”

“The quality has really dropped recently, maybe it’s time to move on, there are no good artists left”

“Simple, the number of artists who draw is falling”

Comic LO reported that they are planning to hold another charity event as they have done before. last year they donated 1 million yen to the Japanese Red Cross

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