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4 Days of What in The Dangers in My Heart?

4 dias de quê em Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu?

Recently, the author of The Dangers in My Heart posted an update on her official Twitter account about a new manga arc that is about to begin.

The post led many fans of the series to believe that Ichikawa and Yamada will delve deeper into their relationship, taking a significant step in terms of intimacy.

4 Days of What in The Dangers in My Heart?

The author’s post reads as follows:

“Next, the four days of s*x begin.”

4 Days of What in The Dangers in My Heart

The above post left Western audiences bewildered. What do they mean by “4 days of s**x”? It hasn’t been that long since the main couple finally kissed, and now they’re already going to bed together?

4 Days of What in The Dangers in My Heart

Although Nagisa Kashiwagi did tell Kaguya in the movie that after an adult kiss, she goes to bed with her boyfriend in about 20 seconds, so it could be that.

But is this translation correct? Well, after the situation went viral, some people took a closer look at what the author said and found that a certain kanji in her sentence could mean other words. However, Twitter translates it as “4 days of s**x.”

Another translation for the sentence above is simply the author saying that a “4-day event” is about to begin or that the characters are reaching their destination.

After all, in the next arc, the characters go on a camping trip, so the alternative translation of “4-day event” or “reaching the destination” makes much more sense.

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