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Young People Tend to Handle Anime with Sad Endings Better

Young People Tend to Handle Anime with Sad Endings Better

If you’ve followed this link, it’s almost certain that you watch anime. Now, let me ask you, what’s your age? Are you in your 20s? Your 30s? Or maybe more? But tell me, do you enjoy anime with sad endings? Or do you prefer good endings where everyone is happy, and the villains are defeated?

Young People Tend to Handle Anime with Sad Endings Better

A Twitter post reached 1.4 million views because it was made by none other than Hidaka Nami, the person responsible for the art of the light novel series “Hamefura,” you know, Bakarina?

Hidaka Nami commented the following on her Twitter profile:

“When you’re young, you can watch sad endings without too many problems, but as you get older and experience various difficulties in real life, you feel that things start to become boring even in 2D, and you hope everything has a happy ending, making it hard to read. What do you think?”

Basically, what Hidaka Nami is saying is that as you get older and have experienced the various hardships of life, you start to prefer anime, manga, and maybe even games that end with a happy ending. You get tired of so much misery and don’t even look for it anymore in the 2D world.

Let’s see how some people responded to Hidaka Nami:

“Lately, I can’t even read stories with bad endings, let alone reach a happy ending… The path to get there is so hard to read…”

“I understand! It’s tough on the heart.”

“I wholeheartedly agree. Please, at least in fiction stories, I want a happy ending… It’s the current trend, isn’t it?”

“I understand perfectly! I’m tired of suffering in real life.”

“I understand very well. I’ve reached the point of not wanting difficult things even in literature…”

Comentando Hoshikuzu Telepath Eps 1 e 2

“That’s why ‘Kirara’ type series are still popular… When they tackle conflicts or separation stories, they are highly criticized.”

“I didn’t like sad endings even when I was young, but for exactly the same reason. We’re already dealing with a lot of difficulties in reality, so we can’t stand seeing fictional characters suffering anymore. For a while, I only read slice of life works.”

“In the ’90s, many dramas ended with the death of the main character, but people from that time could watch them calmly. And that happened several times.”

“It’s true, even events of defeat leading to a turnaround can be hard to endure, especially when you realize the signs that something bad is about to happen.”

“I agree! When I was young, I used to get excited about dramatic and tragic stories, but now I’m horrified. We already have too many tough things in reality. I want to heal and nurture my mind with happy stories.”

“I’m still a teenager, but I watch a lot of anime and read a lot of manga, so I understand a bit. I like dark stories, but sometimes I also want to watch something safer.”

What’s your opinion?

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