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ONE new manga – Versus is not what it seemed

ONE new manga - Versus is not what it seemed

Yesterday came out the first chapter of the manga Versus new manga by ONE, author of One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100. And I’ll talk about everything that happens in the first chapter here.

The first chapter has already been translated into English on the internet, if you don’t want spoilers from it, you can search to read it, I will deliver what happens in chapter 1 here.

The manga was being promoted in a way, but when you read the first chapter you realize that the synopsis was just bait.

Come on.

Versus is not what it seemed

The story starts talking about species that have natural predators that they can’t win, like insects x birds, frogs x snakes, etc, and the natural predator of humans are demons, for years demons have been killing and diminishing humans’ territory.

But now 47 heroes have been chosen and each will face one of the 47 demon generals of the Demon King.

ONE new manga - Versus is not what it seemed

And so they go, each hero has his own team, like our protagonist who has a mage, a healer and an archer on his team.

However, things do not end well, during his trip to face the demon that was in charge of him, he receives a letter with the news of the other heroes, all failed, most died, some became demons, others were incapacitated, others were brainwashed, etc. .

Our protagonist, seeing the news of his companions failing, decides to go and face the demon he was in charge of.

ONE new manga - Versus is not what it seemed

During the fight, his companions are quickly killed and he has his arm ripped off and his sword that was made to kill demons totally broken. He’s lucky he ends up just being blown away and not killed.

ONE new manga - Versus is not what it seemed

There he meets a friend who tells him that the plan to send the heroes to face the demons was to distract the enemy, the real plan was in charge of the magicians, who traveled around the world to enable a summoning magic.

The plan was to summon humans from another world to face the demons and save them. As they talk, a group of lesser demons appears and attacks them, but then humans wearing futuristic armor and weapons appear and kill the demons.

ONE new manga - Versus is not what it seemed

Happy to think that they are now safe with the help of these humans from another world, they are disappointed, these futuristic humans ask if they will help them face the threat that is destroying their land, this is where we see that humans of these two worlds are facing enemies that are destroying them, and each thought that the humans of the other world would help them.

ONE new manga - Versus is not what it seemed

Yes, basically, we have a medieval world of magic where humans are being killed by demons, and we have a modern world where humans are being killed by something as yet unidentified.

But the two are being extinct, now what?