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Maid Cafe in the UK faces criticism from a councilor

Maid Cafe in the UK faces criticism from a councilor

There is a maid cafe in Manchester called “The Animaid”, and they are hiring more people, but someone is not happy with the establishment and it is local policy.

Manchester Councilor for the Urmston ward, Joanne Harding, reportedly said the establishment had given her “goose bumps”. She was concerned about the Animaid rule that maids cannot be touched, lamenting that such a rule needed to exist.

One person commented under the councilwoman’s post: “Someone on Twitter earlier referred to this as ‘Hooters for incels.” To which Joanne said: “It’s absolutely disgusting.”

Hooters is a chain of restaurants where women in skimpy clothing serve customers.

Reading some comments on the councilor’s publication, other people were very concerned about the maid cafe, one person asked if they only hire women and the councilor said she would check.

It even looks like she wants to take action to close the maid café, which also sells anime merchandise. Back in the day maid cafes were something unique to Japan but with the popularity of anime, it has spread around the world and causes reactions like this from people who don’t understand other cultures.

The good part is that all the policy complaints made the maid cafe gain even more support, according to Animaid’s owners, more customers came to the place thanks to the negative media attention.

Via: NYPost