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Kou iu no ga ii manga comes with a condom in France

Kou iu no ga ii manga comes with a condom in France

French publisher Kurokawa is publishing the manga Kou iu no ga ii, which is an adult manga about two friends who live their lives but who like to hang out (and also have a good time).

The story is about two adult people, Murata and Tomoka, tired of their previous relationships, become friends after sharing an online game and decide to go straight to a motel. After this night, they meet regularly and have fun together.

So in the chapters that we see next we have several interactions between Murata and Tomoka as friends, going out, having fun, playing, talking but they always end up having adult relations, but they don’t want to be labeled as a couple.

Anyway, French publisher Kurokawa publishes this manga, and they’re going to release a special edition of it where the manga will come with condoms!

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As you can see in the video above, we have Tomoka on the cover of the condoms that mimics the brand of condoms that appear in the manga. The author of the manga, Souryu thanked the French publisher for the project, who replied that it is an honor:

Previously I published here how people in the industry see French publishers, they really take care of things over there.

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