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Niconico suspends payments with Visa

Niconico suspends payments with Visa

DLSite, Pixiv, R18, and several other Japanese sites with adult content have already canceled their payment methods with Visa and MasterCard credit card companies, and now comes the biggest surprise, the Niconico video site.

Niconico is a video site like YouTube and I believe it does not have adult content, being a video platform. However, Visa and MasterCard still encountered issues with the site.

MasterCard payments were suspended in November last year, and it has now been announced that “due to various circumstances, the use of Visa cards is suspended to join Niconico Premium.

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According to the statement, this is a “temporary” suspension, until it becomes permanent or until Niconico yields to Visa’s pressures and makes the changes they want.

This is another chapter in the war being waged between Japanese media sites that do not censor their content and foreign credit card companies that demand changes to the sites.

It is worth noting that Japan has a credit card company that does not require the censorship of such sites and is available in some.

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