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Momona Koibuchi: Sexual Harassment at Work to do JAV

Momona Koibuchi: Sexual Harassment at Work to do JAV

Rookie actress Momona Koibuchi said in an interview with Bunshun where she talked a lot about her life before becoming a JAV actress. The 23-year-old girl who previously worked as a civil servant said she suffered a lot of harassment.

She tells a little about her life in the interview, such as why she became a civil servant, she said that she was passionate about Koei Tecmo’s Otome games and she wanted to go to an arts college, where she could study history.

However, her parents were against it, her mother kept saying that a private arts college “does not generate jobs”, “there were no opportunities” and that “would not let her go to one”, in the end, she only had the option of becoming civil servant on behalf of their parents, their parents would not accept any other path.

Momona Koibuchi: Sexual Harassment at Work to do JAV

Momona Koibuchi talks about the harassment she suffered

About being a civil servant, Momona says that she suffered a lot of sexual harassment, she says that at work and outside of it she was sexually harassed, they asked her about the size of her breasts and they almost kissed her in a taxi once.

She says that she has suffered from harassment since elementary school, by well-known people, Momona always had big breasts and that influenced her.

“I’ve always had big breasts, so I was told things like, “It’s your fault you dress like that” or “You can’t help being the way you are.” In the end, after a year and a half at the office, I decided to leave. It seems that not even half of my colleagues from that time are left” she says.

She says that even if she complained, people would say things like “she seduced him” or “let it go”. Harassment and also not liking working in an office made her leave and so she became an adult actress.

She moved to Tokyo in 2021 and in February 2022 she had already done a gravure rehearsal, in March she already posed nude, since then she has already made several adult films.

via: Bunshun