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Kakao To Take Action Against Tachiyomi Developers

Kakao To Take Action Against Tachiyomi Developers

The Korean publishers’ battle against pirate sites continues fiercely. After demanding that the Tachiyomi app remove MangaDex and other sources, now Kakao has announced that they are going after the people involved in the app’s development.

Kakao To Take Action Against Tachiyomi Developers

Kakao, a Korean publisher and owner of webtoon reading apps and websites, widely known for publishing Solo Leveling, recently demanded that the Tachiyomi mobile app remove MangaDex and other sites due to a DMCA request.

Tachiyomi is an app where you can install extensions from various manga and manhwa sites, allowing you to read everything in one place instead of visiting multiple sites and apps.

However, Tachiyomi is not content with just the removal of these extensions; they want to take down Tachiyomi itself. In an Instagram post, they threatened the app’s developers:

Kakao To Take Action Against Tachiyomi Developers

Let’s see how the public reacted to Kakao’s post:


“You are destroying the only outlet people in some countries, who can’t find content in their languages, had for reading. You are absolutely pathetic and a bankrupt company.”

“Stop lying to people and defaming the names of good developers. Tachi does not host any copyrighted content. Going after them is like going after web browsers because browsers also allow access to piracy websites.”

“Lol Kakao, do you think we’ll pay you if Tachi goes down? Hahahahahaha, in your dreams! Besides, it’ll take years before you can pressure a court to suspend Tachi. Good luck with your funds!”

“You could also sue Google, ICANN, and some other big companies for providing a way to access these sites if you’re trying to make yourselves look good.”

“Hi! Being clowns as usual?”

“Taking legal actions against Tachiyomi won’t bring ‘more legal readers’; in fact, it will only stop your works from spreading more to the public.”

“I was using Tapas and also Tachiyomi, but now that I know how terrible you guys are, I’ll uninstall Tapas.”

“Why not ban Google for ‘hosting’ pirated sites?”

“Maybe if you HIRE AND PAY translators fairly, that would be enough translation to read legally.”

“Why Tachiyomi and not the illegal sites? You’re targeting a small team for their app and not the illegal websites, haha.”

“You won’t win. You don’t have a case. You wouldn’t dare sue Google because you know you won’t win. You’re just targeting a small team because you can.”

“Rather than fight a lost-in-advance battle with piracy, you should pay more money to your translators.”

Anime de Solo Leveling libera um novo Trailer e mais Dubladores

Perhaps Kakao’s “desperation” is due to one of its most popular titles, Solo Leveling, currently having an anime airing. This will undoubtedly attract many readers to the original webtoon, a significantly large number.

So, this may also explain all their recent actions, trying to make potential new readers use only official services like Tapas, which is Kakao’s official app.

For instance, on their Twitter, Kakao even claimed that using Tachiyomi could expose your device to viruses.

Kakao To Take Action Against Tachiyomi Developers

In response to the above post, someone commented, “The only virus is Kakao.”

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