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Neet Girl Rehabilitation Plan: Save NEETs Girls

Neet Girl Rehabilitation Plan

Japanese developer CyberStep recently announced the launch of the game Neet Girl Rehabilitation Plan, which is scheduled to be released on February 8 for PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch with support for 15 languages.

Neet Girl Rehabilitation Plan: Save NEETs Girls

The game is an anime-style dating simulator/visual novel with a focus on NEETs. In the game, you take on the role of Yutaro Miki, a ”NEET rehabilitation officer” who, with a background in counseling, is tasked with helping three girls recover from life as NEETs and re-enter society as working adults.

Feeling desperate but pressured to succeed, Yutaro makes a desperate plea to the NEET girls, offering to do anything in exchange for getting them to start looking for jobs.

This leads to the protagonist taking the girls out as a reward, slowly leading to romance.

]Neet Girl Rehabilitation Plan: Save NEETs Girls

The three girls have different personalities and have isolated themselves from society due to different circumstances. Mei Natsume has a striking appearance, but is evasive and passive, wanting to maintain the comfort of being unemployed.

Kagami Yamitsuki is a tsundere college dropout who is good at coming up with excuses to reject any job offer, and Kaedeko Suda is a sweet and caring NEET gamer who shows consideration for the protagonist.

According to the developer’s adult content disclaimer, the game will contain mild sexual content and depictions of death and criminal activity.

The game is scheduled for release on February 8th for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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