SPY x FAMILY: TMA Released the Yor JAV with Hanazawa Himari

JAV da Yor

Anya’s by another producer must be coming, but for now we’ll talk about Yor JAV, the newest cosplay film in the huge series of cosplay films by TMA, this time with Yor Forger from the anime SPY x FAMILY.

The movie came out on October 28th and has actress Hanazawa Himari in the role of Yor Forger, the name of the movie is “Beautiful Woman Killer YoX Ryo Group Circle Creampie Fuc* 10x Consecutive Huge Amounts of ****** Buk** **Himari”.

Check out the cover below:

JAV da Yor

You can see the footage from the movie at this link here.

In the movie’s story, Yor receives a mission but ends up being captured by the villains and goes through moments that you can imagine what it is.