Women buy Adult Manga!

Women buy Adult Manga!

Women buy adult content! And I’m going to bring here a ranking to prove this to you that there is a demand for adult content by women, I mean, it’s expected that it’s women even who are buying these manga.


DLsite is a website where anyone can sell a digital product, be it a manga, a game, an ASMR, a CG gallery, music, etc.

We have products for all ages and products for adults, with sensual content. Let’s see the print below how about it? This print is from October 6th of this year and it shows the best selling manga on the DLsite of that date.

Mulheres compram Mangás Adultos!

The 5 manga above are all adult manga and aimed at the female audience as a target audience, they are all Josei manga. And the interesting thing is to see that I believe that all the manga above have the same theme, the female characters are dominated by one or more men, be it a normal guy, a demi-human or an assassin.

To give you an idea, I went to the Hypnotic Mating with Twin Dragonkin Slaves page and it has been downloaded over 235,810 times.

If it was really women who bought these manga, since they are manga aimed at them, it just goes to show that women buy h3ntai content as much as men.