Woman defends boobs Shaking in Anime and has her personal data Leaked

Woman defends boobs Shaking in Anime

An extremely disturbing case occurred recently in Japan and it involves a girl who wanted to defend boob jigging in anime and Japanese feminist groups.

What happened was the following, a college student who has big breasts, responded to a feminist tweet who claimed in her post that breasts didn’t jiggle like the anime showed.

The student said that actually yes, the boobs really do swing, in the case, who has big boobs, for what? According to what was reported, several women began to harass the student, discovering the region where she lives and the university thanks to photos she left on her profile.

Afraid the university student locked her profile, her exact address so far has not been discovered. Below you can see her photo.

Woman defends boobs Shaking in Anime
Woman defends boobs Shaking in Anime and has personal data published on the internet

Anime fans started to call the university student “Anti Femi Hime” (Anti Feminist Princess), and support her on social media, there has been a long time a conflict between anime and manga fans against feminist groups in Japan.

Mekaraha however is concerned, he cites the previous case of a high school illustrator who ended up being the victim of harassment by feminists, he warns about these attacks and aggressions against “women who do not behave in an ideal way”.

He says these women don’t even care that spreading a person’s personal information can lead to actual sex crimes. “Protecting women’s rights is just a pretext for them to attack everything they don’t agree with,” he says.

Many users are defending the high school and even posted a video of a girl running and her boobs bouncing:

These were some reactions from Japanese otakus:

“This is very sad”


“Balance and Scale”

“Can’t help but rock, see, that’s why boys are always looking at girls in gym class or on the street”

“The power of envy is so strong”

“Feminists are the enemy of women… it really pisses me off”

What do you think about this case?

via: Otakomu