We want someone to narrate our videos on Youtube

We want someone to narrate our videos on Youtube

We Want to Make a Youtube Channel! But we Need Help!

Hi, thank you for following our Facebook page and our website, thank you very much, we want to take the next step in Crazy for Anime Trivia!

We want to start a YouTube channel now and for that we need someone who can speak English.

How to speak English?

Quickly explaining, our original name was “Did You Know Gaming?”, but years ago I, Hoss, became the new owner of the page, which was not being updated, I changed the name to “Crazy for Anime Trivia”, I started posting again this year and I made the website, now we want to start a YouTube channel

But for that we need a native English speaker.

Who takes care of the site is me and my girlfriend, and we are not from an English native country, so we don’t speak English natively, because of that we want someone who can narrate the future videos of our channel.

We’ll make a few things clear. First of all, we can’t offer payment at the beginning of the channel, being from a country whose local money is very undervalued, we don’t have much money either way (because of that we want to start a Youtube channel).

Our channel will start from 0 as well, so it’s basically a gamble, it might work out as it might never yield anything or have subscribers, or it might take years for any recognition.

If the channel becomes successful and generates income, it is obvious that we will start paying whoever becomes a narrator, that is obvious. We’ll probably be doing 1-2 videos a week, so we won’t be pulling that much from whoever shows up.

Basically, we’re going to start our youtube channel from 0, without getting paid for it, and we want to know if anyone would be willing to come with us on this.

What if no one wants to help us?

Well, if nobody wants to help us with the channel, we won’t give up, we already have an alternative plan. Basically we will make the videos in the same style as the “Batman Arkham Videos” channel does, without narration, just with text in the images:

That’s basically it.

For those who are interested and want to help us with this, pay attention:

Send us an email to [email protected] with the following:

  • Record a sample of your voice, narrating some anime news, upload to youtube and send to us, we will only look youtube links.
  • Let us know your Discord profile for future contact.
  • Your Twitter profile if you have one.

be aware of

  • Our channel will start from 0
  • We don’t speak English natively, so we can ask for help with scripts.
  • you, like us, will only get paid if the channel starts generating money

That’s it, thank you so much for reading this!