Vtubers Play Splatoon with JAV Filter and Cause Controversy

Vtubers Play Splatoon with JAV Filter and Cause Controversy

Some Vtubers had a different idea of how to play Splatoon live and it didn’t work out very well because of the consequences that followed.

Basically the idea was the following, if you know how Splatoon works, you know that the objective of the game is to paint the arena, whoever paints in a larger area wins, so what happened is that some Vtubers decided to apply a mod.

This mod makes the paint that is applied on the game map work as a chroma key, and then they put JAVs running during the game, the team that loses, which has the largest area painted by the opponent, displays the adult film more .

Check out some prints below:

vtubers jogam splatoon com pornografiavtubers jogam splatoon com pornografia

Vtubers Play Splatoon with JAV Filter: Nintendo didn’t like it.

The event ended up trending on Japanese Twitter for a while with ”AV Splatoon” (Adult Splatoon Video).

vtubers jogam splatoon com pornografia

vtubers jogam splatoon com pornografia

Vtuber Kikaze Kimiko explained on her Twitter that the purpose of this JAV-filtered Splatoon was to avoid banning, since 8 participants were in a private match.

vtubers jogam splatoon com pornografia


Nintendo’s official Twitter account for corporate information tweeted reminding users of the company’s Game Content Guidelines for Online Video and Image Sharing Platforms. The tweet reiterates that they reserve the right to remove or take legal action against any content that is deemed inappropriate, intentionally misleads people about the rules of a game, or seriously harms the value or world of a game/characters.

While it’s unclear whether the tweet was motivated by the AV Splatoon incident, it certainly indicates that they are concerned about their IP being misused.

The Vtubers involved in the game released notes apologizing for the deed:

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