Illustrator Tonee Really Loves Mordred

Tonee Really Loves Mordred

In some past publications on our website, I even mentioned that there are some illustrators (most of them produce adult content) who have a Waifu, with some dedicating themselves to drawing just her.

For example, Mosu loves Satania from the anime Gabriel DropOut, Mogudan loves Rei Ayanami from Evangelion and more recently I talked about CowBow here who only makes VTuber Marine doujins.

And then there’s Tonee, who is completely in love with Mordred, who is a character in the Fate series, she appeared in the Fate/Apocrypha anime as one of the main characters.

Looking at Tonee’s profile, we can see that he draws practically only her, He has drawn other characters, but it’s very obvious his focus on Mordred, for example, look at his area at a recent event:

Tonee Really Loves Mordred

We have Mordred products, Mordred, Mordred over there in the corner, more Mordred and lots of Modred in this picture.

According to Tonee himself, he started drawing Mordred in 2018 and until today he hasn’t stopped, it’s been 5 years dedicating himself to drawing his favorite girl.

Looking at his twitter he posted some really cool messages like: “Maybe I’ll focus on Mordred’s thighs in the future, for science”. “To help get more Mordred artwork out there, help me out on Patreon”, “Mordred Socks”, “I had so much fun drawing Mordred this year (2021)”, “Mordred with long hair?”, “I’m trying to put Yor’s clothes on Mordred”. “Mordred cosplaying”, “Mordred drinking tea”.

I follow him and find the Mordreds he makes really cute really, finding another illustrator who clearly has a waifu and is dedicated to it, I’ll be bringing it here!