Sakusei Byoutou from Adult Manga to Anime, JAV and now Manga for All Ages

Sakusei Byoutou

There is a manga series called Sakusei Byoutou, authored by Kameyama Shiruko, this is an adult manga series about a boy who has an accident and breaks the fingers of both hands.

He starts to be hospitalized but he has another condition, if he doesn’t ejaculate regularly, he feels enormous pain, so behold, a nurse ends up being responsible for “relieving” his pain while he is in the hospital treating his hands.

Sakusei Byoutou

And the nurse who takes care of him in this does it for him with all the hate possible, with an extremely irritated expression and speaking very harshly to him.

Here’s how this adult manga series got an anime:

And a JAV movie:

And now there’s also a manga for all ages, the story remains the same, it’s about a boy who ends up hospitalized and has a condition that he needs to ejaculate every 3 hours, otherwise he’s in huge pain and a nurse helps him with that.

Sakusei Byoutou

My only curiosity is how they managed to leave Sakusei Byoutou “for all ages”? But imagine how crazy this manga would one day receive an anime for all ages too?

You can check out the “all ages” version here and see that even then only 18+ could read this.

So it will have two manga, one adult and one normal, two anime, one adult and one normal, and one adult live-action movie. Sakusei Byoutou can make history.