Ryza thighs are censored in AD

Ryza thighs are censored in AD

Recently the game Atelier Ryza 3 was announced, being considered the last one for the heroine Ryza, and keeping the tradition of the first two games, the girl’s thighs are huge.

This is one of the main visuals of the game that was released after its announcement:

Ryza thighs are censored in AD

As you can see in the image above, her thighs are practically bouncing, well, there’s an advertisement for the game and the figure of Ryza in one of the stations in Japan, and it’s easy to see that the text censored the girl’s thighs.

Notice the text inside the orange boxes, right above the thighs in the look and figure:

Ryza thighs are censored in AD

It is not the first case of a public advertisement that decides to put a text right in front of an ass, or chest in Japan, several advertisements that have ecchi are doing this and obviously the fans react in different ways

“Damn, they censored her thighs”

“Ryza’s advertising consideration is incredible”

“They are blocking Ryza’s thighs out of consideration for feminists”

“It’s clear that thighs are a sexual organ”

“Is thighs a sex organ?”

The annoying part about this is that thigh lovers probably won’t know Ryza for her most notorious feature.

via: fujiyamax