Reverse NTR! Illustrator reveals the Secret Technique

Reverse NTR

Reverse NTR to fight Fat, ugly, hairy, drooling men who end up taking the little girls from their respective boyfriends or husbands and they fall into an act that ends up making them apply the famous Netorare on them.

Netorare are stories of betrayal, whether the boyfriend knows it or not, in the various manga and anime of this genre we have already “known” types of guys who steal married women.

We even got to the point where an illustrator made art in his style from the day he himself ended up suffering a netorare from his girlfriend at the time, you can see that story here.

So, an illustrator made a story telling a “secret technique”, called “Reverse NTR” or “Reverse Netorare”, how to prevent you from suffering a netorare?

Reverse NTR

The manga above unfolds from the following situation.

The protagonist is the black haired boy, his girlfriend the short haired girl, and the white haired boy is the guy who is going to get the protagonist’s girlfriend.

The villain gets in touch with the protagonist saying that he will apply a netorare on him, at which the protagonist says ok, but he will then take the villain’s mother.

So when the “villain” sees his mother with the protagonist about to be “eaten”, the villain goes flaccid and no netorare happens, being unable to have sex with the protagonist’s girlfriend.

Really a great technique against netorare!