Pixiv Announces Ban on Ability to Monetize with Lol*s, Ra**, Incest and more

Pixiv anuncia Ban na Capacidade de Monetizar com Lol

Credit card companies continue their war against Japanese companies that have no problem with having fictional products with the themes of loli, rape, bestiality, mutilation among others.

Among the many sites and services already affected, today Pixiv announced a new measure that is leaving several artists on their feet. Pixiv is the most popular illustration site in Japan, equivalent to Deviantart in the west.

Pixiv announced that starting December 15th, people who produce content that is now banned will not be able to monetize it on the following Pixiv services: BOOTH, pixivFANBOX and the Pixiv Request service.

These are 3 programs that artists have to receive money from, Pixiv Fanbox is the same as Patreon, you pay per month to support that illustrator, Booth is selling merchandise and Request is a service where fans hire illustrators to produce what they want. they want.

However, if you use one of the three services above, you will no longer be able to monetize on top of the following tags:

  • Sexual explotation of a minor
  • Incest
  • Bestiality
  • Rape
  • illegal mutilation
  • Other acts that are offensive to public and moral order

The Bans of these tags in particular matches the bans that other Japanese sites have carried out and that was due to the bullshit that credit card operators are raising, and I mean Visa and Mastercard.

Mastercard, which is a credit card company, has been crusading against this content that goes against “morals and public order” and they have pressured various websites and services to stop selling items like this at risk of suspending their service.

Imagine you have a store and you depend on credit and debit cards to make your sales, and you sell adult content, then the operator comes and says that she doesn’t want you to sell this content and forces you to stop doing it at the risk of suspension of their services.

This happened with the R18.com site this year, it was a site that legally sold Japanese adult films to the world in digital format, it was a way for you to directly support the industry and this site lasted years on the air.

R18.com actually removed the Tags that Mastercard and Visa did not like from its website and took several films, but that was not enough and payment via cards was suspended by the operators, result? The site announced its demise.

In April 2022, an artist who makes R18 content said that he was being censored because of operators, who did not accept his content.

Some Japanese politicians know this and are trying to fight this foreign pressure on Japanese territory. Ogino, who is a politician who is always talking about the “otaku cause”, said that credit card processors are “barriers”.

Obviously the Japanese are not taking this news easily, which has already taken the trending topics in Japan of people complaining against the change, but something needs to be done against credit card processors.

FANZA and DLsite are two very popular stores that ended up banishing certain Tags due to pressure from credit card operators, DMM, which also sells adult content, was also being pressured, but unlike the others, it hit the famous fairy and simply removed it from its website the option to buy via Mastercard.