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Apparently Oshi no Ko spoiled Kaguya-sama ending

Oshi no Ko spoiled Kaguya-sama ending

It looks like the Oshi no Ko spoiled Kaguya-sama ending. The two manga have the same author, Aka Akasaka, but Kaguya-sama himself draws Oshi no Ko is Mengo.

Kaguya-sama’s manga is about to end, with just a few chapters left for the story to conclude, and it looks like Oshi no Ko has delivered how things turn out.

I don’t follow (more) Oshi no Ko, but it seems that we have a special chapter this week and according to some Chinese leakers who leaked some pages, these are the last two pages of this special chapter.


Oshi no Ko spoiled Kaguya-sama ending

Oshi no Ko Kaguya endingOshi no Ko spoiled Kaguya-sama ending

As you may have read, Ruby and Aqua are talking about when Ruby went to take pictures and the photograph was Kaguya, from Aka’s other manga, but what makes fans happy is the end of it.

“Photography by: Shirogane Kaguya”.

This indicates that Kaguya and Miyuki get married at the end of Kaguya-sama’s story, as Kaguya’s name is Shinomiya Kaguya and the president’s name is Shirogane Miyuki, she then marrying him becomes Mrs Shirogane.

And it’s just driving fans crazy on the internet. I don’t know exactly if this is a troll by someone or if the leak is real, but I’ll keep an eye out for when the chapter officially comes out.

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