Orc Eroica vol 4 will feature a Succubus and a BeastGirl

Orc Hero Story vol 3 terá Succubus e BeastGirl

The 4º volume of the light novel Orc Eroica comes out on November 18, the story is by the same author of Mushoku Tensei while the illustrations are by Asanagi, famous hent*i illustrator.

The story is about a world where 12 races always fought each other, but peace between them began. Among the Orcs, Bash is considered the hero of his race, but he has something he hides from others.

Bash is a virgin, he has never had a wife, after all the conflicts are over, he sets out on a journey to find a wife. On the carriage floor, in each volume he will meet a woman of a different race to try to make her his wife, she was once a human and an elf, and now in the third volume we have a Succubus and a BeastGirl:

Orc Eroica vol 3

Below you can check out the best look of the two new girls that are in volume 4 of Orc Eroica:

Orc Hero Story vol 3

As mentioned earlier, the story is written by the author of Mushoku Tensei and the illustrations by Asanagi, a famous adult author.