Nonsummerjack Will Get Bunny Figure: 1/4 Scale

Nonsummerjack Will Get Bunny Figure

Nonsummerjack will have a figure of Bunny, following in the footsteps of another cosplayer who loves to take sexy photos and who also received a figure, Hane Ame. Nonsummerjack is yet another cosplayer to receive an official figure!

Through her profile, the cosplayer published that she will be receiving the figure that is based on her Anubis Bunny cosplay, the figure is not finished yet but two photos have been published to give us an idea of what she will look like:

Nonsummerjack Will Get Bunny FigureNonsummerjack Will Get Bunny Figure

The figure is based on her Anubis Bunny cosplay, so I assume it’s in the cosplay below:

Nonsummerjack Will Get Bunny Figure

And it doesn’t hurt to remember that this was the cosplayer that the illustrator of the One Punch Man manga, Yusuke Murata, decided to sign up for Fantia (you can think of it as her “OnlyFans”), in order to see the hottest photos of this cosplayer.

The Nonsummerjack Anubis Bunny figure is being made by FREEing and is 1/4 scale, more details to be given at Smile Fest 2022.