A Mod that increases Mona’s Thighs pissed off some people

Mod that increases Mona's Thighs

Hazaker is a digital artist from Colombia who saw his profile explode in popularity after he created a Mod that modifies the character Mona from the game Genshin Impact.

The mod greatly increases the character’s hips, butt, thighs and legs, which reminds me a lot now of 2B from the game Nier Automata.

Check out the short video demonstrating the mod:

His post to date of this post has had over 180,000 likes and over 26,000 shares. But not everyone who saw the Mod commented on positive things.

“Because who plays Genshin is like that?”

“Whoever plays Genshin is just a fucked up jerk, prove me wrong”

“You guys seriously need to talk to a woman”

“You really have to be a sucker to like it here and waste your time doing it here”

“have you thought about the same effort to put some kind of body different from the skinny ones in the game instead of sexualizing even more characters that are already sexualized”

“disgust is the word”

“I hate you all so much, every day I see some kind of porn addiction like this and it just makes me want to delete this app”

“You’ll never know a woman’s touch.”

“say you’re a virjola without saying you’re a virjola I can’t even defend that this is good to represent chubby people because he only edited THE THIGH and forgot about the WHOLE BODY seirokkkkkk”

“you will never touch a woman you know”

“Never do that again”

What did you think of the Mod?