Sad News: Massage Freaks is Delayed, risk of censorship emerge

Massage Freaks is Delayed

Today I bring sad news for all fans of ecchi games, Massage Freaks is delayed and the risk that they will censor the game is totally real now.

The producer Qureate announced days ago the game Massage Freaks for Nintendo Switch, in the game, you are the owner of a massage place, and you massage the girls that appear, freeing them from worries and problems.

The game has ecchi scenes but it’s not hentai (since it’s coming out on Switch).

Cancelar Massage Freaks

Massage Freaks is Attacked for Supposedly Promoting sexual Harassment

As the game will come out for Nintendo Switch, it was released by the largest game portals in Japan such as Famitsu, this made boring people see the game and start complaining, saying that it promotes sexual harassment and abuse against women.

You can see some of the comments made here. There were a good number of complaints as the producer responded saying that it was to send complaints directly to them.

Sad News: Massage Freaks is Delayed

Behold, today qureate announced the postponement of the game, which was scheduled to come out now in August, the game is without a new date.

However, in the message in their image, they also inform that they will consider taking legal action against “malicious posts” on social media or that spread false rumors that constitute obstruction of business.

I also saw people saying that there is another problem with the game, apparently one of the characters in the game would be based on a real idol, even having the same name.

Some think the postponement is just to change that character and not censor the game. However, even if the game is censored and has less ecchi, it will be very difficult to know exactly what has changed, as the game has not been released, so we will not have versions to compare.

But a postponement signal right after all the complaints is not a good sign.