Mangaka Rui Takato Announces Retirement: Booty Royale goes to Hiatus

Mangaka Rui Takato Announces Retirement

There is a manga called Booty Royale, which mixes fights with a very heavy ecchi, the manga sells well and is successful (it even has live-action), but the author, Mangaka Rui Takato announces Retirement!

Let the story!

Rui Takato announced via his Twitter account that he will retire from drawing manga, his statement leaves it uncertain whether this is permanent or temporary as he alternates between the two ways of describing his retirement.

He currently publishes the manga Booty Royale (original: Hagure Idol Jigokuhen), which entered the story’s climax in July 2021 and will go on hiatus due to the author’s retirement.

Mangaka Rui Takato Announces Retirement

What is Booty Royale about?

The manga follows an 18-year-old girl named Misora Haebaru who moves to Tokyo to pursue her dream of becoming a famous singer. Unfortunately they cheat on her and she ends up in the adult industry! The only way for her to get out of this is to survive in a martial arts tournament where she must fight several perverted men, if she loses, she will have to pay the erotic price!.

Mangaka Rui Takato Announces Retirement

Takato says that he has been planning to retire since last year, the reason being that due to certain circumstances in his house, it is becoming difficult to draw a manga about “boobs and sex”.

The author says that if the situation in his home changes, he will consider continuing the manga, he says he is satisfied with his manga being a hybrid of “softcore porn” with “battle”, and that the series consistently sells well. However, he says that he is not very motivated to continue the manga due to the circumstances at home.