Mamahaha Anime Added Glasses to Heroine in Bikini Scene

Mamahaha Anime Added Glasses

Recently there was a more ecchi scene in the anime of Mamahaha no Tsurego ga Motokano Datta, which is the anime where ex boyfriends end up as half brothers due to their parents’ marriage.

What fans noticed is that Mamahaha’s anime added glasses in a scene where Yume didn’t wear it in the original light novel. The reason for this is not quite sure but let’s compare the two scenes?

The situation in the light novel and the anime is the same, Yume is trying on a beach outfit, the scene is the same, same angle, same outfit but the anime added glasses.


Mamahaha Anime Added Glasses

The Light Novel:

Mamahaha Anime Added Glasses

The question that remains is, what did you think when adding the glasses in the anime? Was it requested by the original author? Was it some animator or director who has a glasses fetish? What was it?

Maybe we don’t know, but what do you prefer? She with or without the glasses? I admit that with glasses she looked much better

via: Otakomu