Did Makima scene reference an adult film?

Did Makima scene reference an adult film

Ah, the otaku’s polluted mind works in many ways, Chainsaw Man episode 11 brought us some interesting things, didn’t it? For example, Makima scene reference an adult film!

There’s a scene in episode 11 where Makima goes to talk to some criminals and she’s sitting on a couch and behind her, several men are standing and watching her.

Otakus found this scene very similar to an adult movie, where a very small girl is sitting on a sofa and behind her are only huge men:

Did Makima scene reference an adult film
Makima scene reference an adult film meme

The film above has Piper Perri, 27, as an actress, and this scene ended up becoming a very famous meme. But while in the movie it’s the girl who ends up taking it, in the case of Chainsaw Man it’s Makima who comes out on top overall.

Even when I commented on the episode here, I also noticed this resemblance, incredible! Below are some reactions from otakus on Twitter:

“Hahaha what an epic reference”

“The difference in that scene with Makima is that she fucks them and they don’t fuck her”

“Perhaps Fujimoto was referencing his favorite scene”

“Thanks to the internet I can’t watch anything normally”

“Well, in other animes there have been moments similar to this same image of Piper Perri”

“Honestly, that was intentional”

“i hate my dirty mind”

“I hope they make an adult parody of this scene, it’s very strong”

“Fujimoto knew what he was doing”

What do you think?