Little Witch Nobeta uses Adult Meme to announce Discount

Little Witch Nobeta uses Adult Meme

Steam’s end of year sale started and I honestly don’t know what games to buy, there are many JRPGs on my wish list and I can get a few on account of little money.

So how do these games entice players to buy them? Well, Little Witch Nobeta is a game that became popular for being a “Dark Souls with waifu”.

You control a little girl and walk through dungeons facing strong monsters, the game is currently on sale on Steam, and how did the game decide to promote its promotion?

Little Witch Nobeta uses Adult Meme

Yes, they put bunny Nobeta on a couch while the monsters look at her, this scene references the meme from an adult movie starring adult actress Piper Perri. In fact, it was just yesterday that we published here that in Chainsaw Man we had a similar scene.

These were some of the public’s reactions to the game’s promotional art:

“This image reminds me of another image that I haven’t seen in a long time”

“What the fuck is this”


“Without conditions that this is official propaganda, I can’t stand it”

Little Witch Nobeta and a skin pack is currently on sale on Steam.