Introducing Iro Bunny, the Bunny Girls art book

Iro Bunny

At the end of July, the official bunny girls art book was released, the Iro Bunny book brought together an impressive collection of bunny girls arts illustrated by more than 40 different artists.

The book includes several illustrators of the most different styles such as mignon, nima, SOLar, FAMY, yu-ri, T-TRACK, oekakizuki, suto, SG, BORUMETE etc.

Iro Bunny
Iro Bunny book cover illustrated by DS Mile

Here is the official description of the book:

“After the popular “Kuro Bunny” art book, the “Iro Bunny” art book is now available, it is a collection of cute and colorful bunnies presented by magnificent artists.”

Iro Bunny

Check out some of the illustrations that are in the Iro Bunny book below, each illustration was made by a different guest illustrator, which ones do you recognize?

Iro Bunny
Previews of the illustrations contained in the book.

The book was released on July 29 at a price of 3,200 yen (R$122.00 at the current price). Some comments from Japanese people who bought the book:

“The best art book in the world.”

“While the West goes crazy with a banana hanging on the wall, we appreciate real art.”

“Beautiful anime girls in bunny outfits, this is a must buy.”

“I’ll buy two copies.”

This is not the first time that several illustrators have come together to launch a special book with a specific theme. A few months ago we had a book called Switch Imouto that showed what various imoutos were like at school and at home.