My Hero Academia: Invisible Girl Appears Naked and Fans Complain

Invisible Girl Appears Naked

A profile that publishes leaks from Shonen Jump magazine published what would be the color image of chapter 368 of the My Hero Academia manga, where the Invisible Girl appears naked and this has caused a certain complaint from readers.

This colorful image features the character Toru Hagakure, the invisible girl, completely naked on the cover, as well as revealing her face and hair completely.

Check out the alleged leak below:

My Hero Academia: Garota Invisível aparece nua e Fãs Reclamam

Behold, there are many fans now complaining a lot about the art above, let’s see some comments about Toru Hagakure naked:

“Let me guess, she’s a minor…”

“I’m again asking Horikoshi to stop sexualizing a minor”

“Check his HD”

“She’s pretty but this is weird…please Hori stop making 16 year old girls like that”

“In the name of Almighty what was Hori thinking about drawing a minor like that”

“Wow, he had to draw a minor to make this manga interesting”

“The guy refuses to draw a good arc but draws a naked underage girl hoping to gain new readers?”

Anyway, what did you think of this illustration where the Invisible Girl appears naked? Despite being a leak, so far it’s not confirmed to be official art, but it’s likely seen that these leaks rarely get it wrong.

Season 6 of My Hero Academia premieres in October.