How did the Lust Geass Manga end?

How did the Lust Geass Manga end?

How did the Lust Geass Manga end? initially Lust Geass was presented as a fun romantic comedy manga only to be surprised later by the serious tone and the heavy Netorare that takes place in the story afterwards .

The manga started out really well, with a seemingly innocent story about two childhood friends who can’t be honest, everything changes when they make a contract with a demon.

Thus, the protagonist Souta ends up receiving a “curse”, he ends up obtaining the power to make people close to him excited for him! So his childhood friend Rikka ends up not being able to control herself around him, but there’s a catch, if he comes to blows with the girl he loves, he dies.

How did the Lust Geass Manga end

And that’s why he doesn’t come to blows with Rikka, but he does with every other girl in the manga. Lust Geass as mentioned above started out quite interesting but then the story got so confusing that even the Japanese started to rate the manga negatively.

But with 49 chapters released, the manga has finally come to an end! So how did it end up?

How did the Lust Geass Manga end?

How did the Lust Geass Manga end
Lust Geass volume 7, the last volume of the manga

The situation that the story came to, for those who don’t read it, is as follows.

Souta loves Rikka, Rikka loves Souta, the two are childhood friends but can’t be honest, they know the demon Zepar, who makes a kind of contract / curse on them.

Souta gains the “passive ability” to make everyone around him full of desire, but if he penetrates the girl he loves, he dies, so what happens? He leaves Rikka completely aside and starts doing it with a classmate, with the teacher, with…

Then another demon named Gremory appears, and makes a new curse with Rikka, and she starts to apply the netorare on Souta, Rikka starts to be with other men, but for her everything is just a dream.

How did the Lust Geass Manga end

In this, two girls still appeared in the story, complicating it even more and even the “boss” of Gremory and Zepar appeared, saying that it was forbidden for a human to have a contract with two demons.

Anyway, Rikka is crazy, because she saw Souta having fun with other women, Souta is sorry and wants Rikka, the other girl and the teacher love Souta and spend “last moments” with him.

In the end, how does it all work out?


How did the Lust Geass Manga end

Asmodeus rewinds time to before Souta and Rikka made the contract with Zepar. Alright, all solved! Souta and Rikka returned to the state of the first chapter, obviously they don’t remember anything and for Souta everything seems like a dream, the other girls who got involved with him just get a strange expression and we’re back to square one.

End of the manga!

Ok, there are some conditions for the rewind time to occur, but honestly, they are nothing to worry about after you see how everything ended, and then, that’s how the Lust Geass Manga ended, we’re back to square one!