Hane Ame made a Perfect Cosplay of Vermeil from the anime Vermeil in Gold

Cosplay of Vermeil

Vermeil from the anime Vermeil in Gold is one of the sexiest characters in the current summer 2022 season, the anime is pretty ecchi since it’s a demon with a boy.

Even because of how the character is, cosplayers from Vermeil appeared, but from all I’ve seen so far I think this one by Hane Ame was the best and the one closest to the anime character, like this one from Shikimori.

Kinsou no Vermeil

To be honest, I believe that Vermeil is one of the characters that has a body very similar to Hane Ame’s and maybe that’s why I thought it suited her having done this cosplay so well.

Just a few pics of Hane Ame’s Vermeil cosplay:

Cosplay of VermeilCosplay of VermeilCosplay of Vermeil