Hanasaka Houcha wants your opinion on Netorare

Hanasaka Houcha wants your opinion on Netorare

Netorare doujins sell a lot on sites like Fanza, DLSite and others, I’ve already made some posts here comparing some netorare sales with other types of doujins like vanilla and even reverse netorare.

I don’t know if there’s any explanation for why it sells so well, but today we have an adult content artist who opened a questionnaire to find out what his audience thinks of netorare.

Does Hanasaka Houcha intend to publish any such work depending on the result of the vote?

Voting ends in 14 hours and the three options are:

  1. Read because you like it
  2. I hate it, but I just read it.
  3. I don’t read it because I hate it

From what I’ve seen of Hanasaka Houcha’s works, he really likes Konosuba’s Aqua, but he’s also done some other works in other genres and with other characters.