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Japanese People Picked Their Favorite SAO Episodes

Japanese People Picked Their Favorite SAO Episodes

What is your favorite Sword Art Online episode? Of all the seasons? Japanese fans were able to vote and choose their 20 favorite episodes from the series.

Below you will check the result of the Japanese fans’ vote from the official anime twitter account, see if your favorite episodes appeared in the ranking:

Favorite episodes of SAO by the Japanese:

20. “Prince of Hell” – SAO Alicization WoU ep 17

Prince of Hell

19. “Zekken” – SAO II ep 19

Zekken 1

18. “The Temperature of the Heart” – SAO ep 7

Lisbeth and Kirito holding hands 1

17. “Gilded Hero” – SAO ep 24

Kirito challenges Sugou 1 1

16. “End to Eternity” – SAO Alicization WoU ep 14

Bercouli Synthesis One charging at Emperor Vecta inside a cloud of dust S3E38 1

15. “Crimson Killing Intent” – SAO ep 10

Crimson Killing Intent 1

14. “The Monument of Swordsmen” – SAO II ep 21

The Monument of Swordsmen

13. “The World of Swords” – SAO ep 1

The World of Swords

12. “Red Nosed Reindeer” – SAO ep 3

Red Nosed Reindeer

11. “SAO Extra Edition

SAO Extra Edition 1

10. “Bullet of a Phantom” – SAO II ep 12

Bullet of a Phantom 1

09. “Memories” – SAO Alicization WoU ep 18

Memories 1

08. “The Sword Dance of Black and White” – SAO ep 8

The Sword Dance of Black and White 1

07. “The Girl of the Morning Dew” – SAO ep 11

The Girl of the Morning Dew 1

06. “The Night-Sky Blade” – SAO Alicization WoU ep 20

The Night Sky Blade

05. “The End of the World” – SAO ep 14

The End of the World 1

04. “Awakening” – SAO Alicization WoU ep 19


03. “The Blue-Eyed Demon” – SAO ep 9

The Blue Eyed Demon 1

02. “My Hero” – SAO Alicization ep 24

My Hero 1

01. “Mother’s Rosario” – SAO II ep 24

Mother's Rosario

Not many memories? And Sword Art Online continues to make those memories, currently Progressive has become a movie series and Unital Ring should become an anime when the light novel has enough volumes.

Source: Twitter Oficial