Complaints arise for Illustration showing Sexual Crime

Complaints arise for Illustration showing Sexual Crime

On August 24 this year, Yamahisa Yuu, author of the sci-fi manga Tokyo Gareki Shoujo, published an illustration where a father goes with his son for a love affair, the boy is small and is being held by his father.

The illustration shows the child touching the attendant’s breasts and asking, “Lady, where are your breasts?” to which the woman says “Not here, not here” with an expression as you can see.

In the caption Yamahisa Yuu described the illustration like this: “A receptionist who answers what customers want”.

Ilustração mostrar Crime Sexual
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The original post generated more than 69,000 likes and 13,000 shares, but there were those people who attacked the illustration, saying it showed a “sex crime”.

“This has 63,000 likes. What else besides sex crimes is accepted as entertainment like this where crime isn’t portrayed as a bad thing?”

“This is a sex crime”

“He seems to be the father, but how do these parents teach him? Don’t they teach him about privacy or something? I think it comes from talking to the parents so that mistakes are limited. He’s not a potential candidate to become a parent. sexual harasser who plays with it? Is it weird seeing them that way?”

One person defending the illustration said:

“Manga is fiction, not reality, so there was no real crime.”

Anyway, what do you think of this illustration? Do you think she really describes a sex crime and that when this child in this illustration grows up she will harass women out there, committing crimes in the manga world?

via: RFG