ASMR and Roxanne’s Dakimakura Arrive to Comfort You

ASMR and Roxanne's Dakimakura Arrive to Comfort You

Unleash your otakice to the extreme, as Harem wo’s Isekai Meikyuu anime released two matching products of its heroine Roxanne that are meant to destroy otaku with sheer cuteness.

Have you watched Harem wo’s Isekai Meikyuu? Did you like Roxanne and not complain about her anime design? Then you can’t help but buy her new dakimakura and the ASMR that matches the dakimakura.

First let’s talk about the official ASMR of Isekai Meikyuu from Harem wo. for only 1,650 yen you can buy an ASMR of the character Roxanne, which you can buy here.

Isekai Meikyuu de Harem wo

In this ASMR that is already the first bestseller in the last 24 hours, Roxanne does some nice things to you, like cleaning your ears, cleaning your hair, just being in bed with you among other things.

To go along with this ASMR, they are releasing a dakimakura that lets you enjoy ASMR at 200%! The dakimakura makes it possible for you to lie on Roxanne’s lap and imagine that she is actually doing those things to you.

ASMR e Dakimakura da Roxanne chegam para te ConfortarASMR e Dakimakura da Roxanne chegam para te Confortar

ASMR e Dakimakura da Roxanne chegam para te Confortar

The dakimakura already retails for 11,000 yen (R$418.93) and it will arrive a little later, as it will only be shipped to buyers in June of this year.

But as you can see, it’s the same art as ASMR, just to accompany and make you have the full experience!

Via: Otakomu