Artist Shares His Real Netorare Story with Illustration

Artist Shares His Real Netorare Story

An artist who publishes H content shocked his fans by posting a netorare illustration, the problem is that it is a netorare based on real events of something that happened to him years ago.

The photo shows a girl next to another girl and a boy and the three of them on the beach, according to what the artist himself said, the illustration is about a situation with his girlfriend in college, he was sick and she was to the beach with friends and attended a “pijama party” without him.

What bothers in the photo is that the man holds his girlfriend’s hips tight, Cocq Taichou says that he made the illustration based on photos sent to him from the tour:

Artist Shares His Real Netorare Story

Fans were shocked by this story Cocq Taichou shared and several comments were made:

“Are you okay?”

“This is horrible, this is sad”

“Are you still together with this girl?”

“So… did you lose your girlfriend to him or not?”

“Damn, wishing you’d get over it”

“Man, this breaks my heart”

“Girlfriend is temporary, Vtuber is real”

“This is going to become a manga”

“You are OK?”

Will he make an entire doujin based on his own real-life Netorare?

Arigas Archer!