Anime Love Dolls: They can become your Waifu

Bonecas do Amor de Anime

Anime Love Dolls! I discovered something I honestly didn’t know and had never stopped to look at, Love Dolls is exactly what you’re thinking, they are life size dolls for naughty things.

Thanks to AnmoSugoi who made a post about a Klee doll from Genshin Impact (although I have no idea what site they saw this as they didn’t link to the original source). I ended up discovering all this Industry unknown to me!

Anime Love Dolls: They can become your Waifu

First let me show you a Love Doll of Klee from the game Genshin Impact:

Anime Love Dolls Anime Love Dolls

As you can see in the image above, it’s a Love doll with the appearance of Klee from the game Genshin Impact, and they even took pictures of her in a school swimsuit:

Anime Love Dolls Anime Love Dolls

You can customize your Anime Love Dolls

Obviously I knew that adult dolls like that existed, but until then all I had seen had generic appearances, none were inspired by anime or game characters, so I had never really cared about the subject.

But did you know that you can turn your Love Dolls into any girl from any anime? I have discovered some stores that specialize in selling this type of product and you can fully customize your doll.

You can choose her eye:

Anime Love Dolls

Then you choose your anime love doll’s hair:

Anime Love Dolls

You have other customization options, such as support, hands, feet, chest type and even the HOLE type, YES THAT HOLE THERE, remember it’s a LOVE DOLL, it’s for her to make love with you!

Here is a link showing how the doll comes, the hair, the eyes and how this guy assembled his doll.

Some Anime Love Dolls I Found

Searching the internet I found some people who turned their dolls into the following characters:

Sakura from Cardcaptors Sakura:

Albedo from Overlord:

Rem from Re:Zero

Nezuko from Kimetsu no Yaiba:

Well… what do you think of this Industry? Below this would have been comments from Japanese people when they saw this type of hobby:

“The truth is that it scares me, I don’t understand. It must be regulated, whoever buys this is someone dangerous”

“I don’t want people like you around me. You would definitely start bad things, and definitely annoying if you were around.”

“I love anime illustrations and stuff, but this is scary.”

“This is too much”

“The sick are the ones who try to buy this kind of thing”

Do you think that a person who buys one of these dolls and customizes it as their waifu is also a dangerous person?