Anime Harem Camp announced! Adult Yuru Camp?

Anime Harem Camp

Anime Festa (formerly Comic Festa) announced the anime Harem Camp, another one of their huge list of adult anime that they have been releasing for years now, the Harem Camp anime will premiere on October 2nd.

Anime Harem Camp

Like all Anime Festa anime, they will broadcast two versions of Harem Camp, a version that will start on Tokyo MX and BS11 on October 2nd, normal, and the AnimeFesta streaming service will air the premium version, which will come with the henta scenes.

The story is about teacher and camp veteran Kensuke, who forms a camping group with 4 more girls, these girls are:

Anime Harem Camp
Haruki Azuma VA Miu Yuzuhara
Anime Harem Camp
Aki Minami VA Yuka Hinata
Anime Harem Camp
Toko Saionji VA Mashiro Kazahana
Anime Harem Camp
Natsuki Kitamura VA Ren Sagami

Anime Harem Camp announced! Adult version of Yuru Camp?

As it is an anime about camps, it was noticed that the logo of the anime is extremely similar to the logo of another famous anime about camps and cute girls, Yuru Camp.

This is the Yuru Camp anime logo:

And now the Harem Camp anime logo:

Both logos use a tent icon, which is common for camping, you really can’t blame an anime about camping not having a tent.

But it is also clear that even the colors are the same, was it a way of trying to capitalize on those people who like to camp for the wrong reasons?