Albedo will receive a Christmas figure and more Announcements

Albedo will receive a Christmas figure

Figures are an important point in the otaku world, having your waifu or husbando in physical shape looking at you in your room is very good. Because of that I decided to make this post to talk about what they announced recently in terms of new figure productions.

There were expo events and figure announcements and some announcements caught my eye, so I’m sharing them here with you.

First we have a new figure of Marin from the anime Sono Bisque Doll by Alter, with her Liz cosplay:

Marin will get yet another figure, this time by Klockworx, where she wears her Black Lobelia cosplay:

Black Lobelia

For MIYUKI, Shikimori will win a 1/7 scale figure, in this figure Shikimori will be wearing casual summer clothes, very cute:

Again via Alter, to St. Louis will get one of her most Yabai desu ne figures that we have news of, based on her “Luxury Handle” skin, which she wears a tiny dress that barely covers her body:

The two main girls of the Lycoris Recoil anime, Chisato and Takina also had figures announced, by Max Factory, the two girls will be in their normal clothes seen in the anime:

Through Alter, Merlin will receive a brand new figure, coming from Fate/Grand Order Arcade:

I think this is one of the most unexpected figures that were announced recently, by Alter, Albedo will receive a Christmas figure.

Her outfit is extremely sensual, check out the illustration below:

Which announcement are you most looking forward to?