Adult Manga Author Complains about Piracy

Adult Manga Author Complains about Piracy

Piracy is something that gives a lot of people a headache in the anime and manga industry, one of them is the adult author of the group Aomizuan, who published on his Twitter profile that he was very angry with the piracy of his adult manga InCha Bishoujo wa Tannin ni Okasarete mo Ikimakuru.

He posted the following in his profile:

Autor de Mangás Adultos Reclama da Pirataria
Adult Manga Author Complains about Piracy Original tweet

He posted a link to the official English version of his adult manga which is available on DLSite, DLSite is an official website where artists put their manga, doujins, games for sale and can profit from it.

Aomizuan also said that a huge number of people see his works on illegal websites, many of which are translated into English and Chinese. He believes that many people only see pirated because they think the English version is only available on pirated sites, but there are also official sites like DLSite, which pays the author.

On the cover of the post is cosplayer Mura Teya, who was hired by Aomizuan to cosplay at his booth at Comiket 100.