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15 Overlord Theories: Story of the Hero Who Would Defeat Ainz would come Next?

15 Overlord Theories

15 Overlord Theories! Theories, theories are cool, because it’s really fun and we can create different scenarios about the stories we like.

In this post here, you will come across 15 Overlord Theories, among these 15 theories, we have some serious ones that we can consider to happen at the end of the story, but we have others that are not so serious and are here just for the humor ok ?

15 Overlord Theories

1st Ainz Is Actually Very Intelligent

At all times in the anime we see Ainz in his thoughts without understanding the plans, always asking Demiurges to explain the plan that everyone thinks he knows, but that he never understands.

This theory says that Ainz is actually extremely intelligent due to his high intelligence status, a status that influences his judgment without him realizing it.

overlord ainz

2nd Overlord is An RPG Session

Overlord would just be a D&D session between the members of Ainz Ooal Gown and nothing more.


3rd Pandora’s Actor would kill Albedo

In episode 11 of the anime, Ainz takes Albedo and Yuri Alpha to the treasure room of Nazarick, when they arrive there Pandora assumes the form of Albedo’s creator, fans theorize that Pandora would kill Albedo since only Supreme Beings could enter there.

AnimaKai Overlord 11.mp4 snapshot 12.00 2022.09.13 17.51.10

4th Dragon Emperor is a developer of Yggdrasil

It is mentioned during the story that the cause of Yggdrasil players being transported to the new world is because of the Dragon Emperor, one theory says that he must be a developer of the Yggdrasil game, in which case, this Dragon Emperor probably refers to the father of the dragon below:

Overlord IV - 11-03

5th Ainz is an Experiment.

Ainz would be just a part of one of the experiments of the developers of the game Yggdrasil.

6th We will have another story with the Hero.

Overlord would be a story that tells the background of the villains and how they came to power. The story would eventually introduce the protagonist, the Hero, who would have a series of his own telling his journey to defeat Ainz.

Ainz overlord

7th Nfirea will die from a s*x overdose

Well….that’s it!


8th The Overlord’s End

This theory says that Overlord’s story will end with Ainz undoing the magic that summons players to the new world, thus ensuring their peace.

9th Ainz has a dick

He just hides it from Albedo.

Ainz banho

10th The Fall of Nazarik

Nazarik’s downfall will begin when the Guardians are no longer loyal to Ainz, as they begin to confront him.

11th Players are from Yggdrasil

Players who have already set foot in the new world before Ainz appeared came from the same game and the same event as Yggdrasil’s server shutdowns, just like Ainz.


Overlord will end with Ainz saying “Sasuga Ainz-sama” before he is killed

Overlord Anime

13th Other Member of Ainz Ooal Gown

Albedo has a secret unit in Nazarik that she hides from the other guardians, this group has a mission to find other supreme beings.

Besides Ainz, there is another player from the Ainz Ooal Gown clan in the new world, he just hasn’t been found yet, Albedo’s secret squad wasn’t created by anything.

But I saw another theory that contrary to Ainz, Albedo’s secret unit was created to kill other supreme beings, as in Albedo’s view they would have abandoned Nazarik.

Albedo unidade secreta 1

14th Raid Bosses

On the 8th floor of Nazarik we have raid bosses.

15th World Enemy

World Enemy is kind of a special monster in the game Yggdrasil, immensely powerful and well hidden in the game. The Dragon Emperor would be such an enemy.


What’s his favorite theory? Mine is in regards to the hero being introduced at the end and winning his own series afterwards showing how he would defeat Ainz.

These theories came from a video that the AnimeStats channel made and I found it extremely interesting.